The Education Ministry desires to provide edifying, interesting Bible study classes for every age group in our church family so that we are all maturing spiritually. We want our classes to be Biblically based and help each person see the relevance of the scriptures for his or her daily life. Currently, our Bible Class program has three departments:

* Elementary (Cradle Roll - 6th Grade)*

* Youth (7th - 12th grades)

* Adult (18 and older)

Our Elementary classes are using the New Life curriculum published by 21st Century Christian.
Our Youth classes are using a curriculum being developed by our Youth and Family Minister.
The Adult classes are studying the text of the Bible on Sunday mornings. Wednesday evening classes provide a variety of topics to deepen our spiritual growth and equip our members for an array of ministry areas.

Adult classes:

  • "Young Adults" a class for young single adults.
  • "Young Marrieds" a class for adults up to age 35.
  • "Home Builders" a class for adults ages 36 to 50.
  • "Prime-Timers" a class for adults 51 or older.
  • "Special Topics"a class for all adults who want to study a Biblical text other than the one offered in the other classes.
Adult classes:

  • "Textual Studies" provides a more in-depth
    study of Biblical texts.
  • "Christian Living" provides a study helping Christians to apply Biblical principles to their daily lives.
  • "Ladies' Devotional" is a time of sharing, caring, and spiritual growth for Ladies.